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Guided by tail lights

Can it be an SFR brevet if there isn't a threat of rain? Not worry this time, as there was a 20% chance of rain in the form of isolated thundershowers in the forecast for Davis and Vacaville. Like so many other SFR brevets this year and last, the rain never happened on our 230km overnight brevet. Instead however it was mild all night long, and we enjoyed mostly clear skies with little of the drop in temperature that normally comes with that at night. May is often a busy time of year for many long distance cyclists and June didn't seem to be any less busy. There was a lot of churn on the sign-up list for the 230km overnight brevet with many riders finding they had over booked themselves this weekend. A few days out from the ride, I figured with the attrition we'd end up with 15 riders when nearly 30 had signed up at some point. I was wrong though as 17 riders signed in and rolled out of the Hercules Transit Center at 8pm on June 13th. We had daylight for only a short tim