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The SFR Golden Gate 1000km brevet

There are 17 slots left on the roster for the first San Francisco Randonneurs Golden Gate 1000km brevet. The route begins in San Jose and goes east and up and over Mt. Hamilton, past the historic Lick Observatory and toward Livermore via the San Antonio Valley , one of the most beautiful stretches of roadway with next to no development. It is stunning how remote this area feels and yet it is so close to San Jose, Oakland and Livermore. From there the route travels toward the Carquinez Straits where riders cross over to Solano County via the Zampa Bridge . The route continues up Wooden Valley east of the Vaca Mountains and crosses over to Napa Valley via the climb over Mt. George. Riders head north up the Silverado Trail to Calistoga and then on to Cloverdale via a valley route through the Mayacamas_Mountains for an overnight control. After a rest riders then head west and north on Highway 128, reaching the Pacific Ocean at the mouth of the Navaro River and complete an out and b