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2010 stretches out ahead

One of my favorite books of all time, one I've read and re-read many times, is David James Duncan's The River Why. The protagonist Gus is certainly a lot younger than I am. In the book, he is less than half my current age. In his youthful zeal, he set out to devise the 'Ideal Schedule', which was to focus his life as much as possible on the one thing he believed he loved to do above all else. Given many years and lots of time during which to contemplate the things I love, like the blind squirrel I've stumbled upon the nut of wisdom called moderation. I know now that I can't focus my life on one thing to the exclusion of all else. For one thing, my body can't handle it, and I have to find things to do during the down time. For another, I have to appear somewhat normal, and do things like hold down a job. And yet ...

And yet, I still can not resist the urge to look ahead to the coming year and first list out the things I want to do on a bike, and begin to commit to some of those things in big ways and small ways. So, what follows is a list with comments on the biking events I want to do this coming year. Not all of the items on the list will happen for me. Some events will conflict with others, some will be dependent on other, prior events and others still will maybe not hold the same appeal later that they do now. We'll have to see how it plays out.

Planned Ride Date Distance Comments
Jittery Jaunt 200km Permanent 1-30-2010 200km (124 mi) I missed doing the worker's ride for the SFR Lighthouse 200km and I want to keep my R-12 streak going, so instead of doing the worker's ride for the next item below, which would give me February credit, I'm doing this permanent. Like last year, I'm waiting kind of late in the month to get that 200km in. Never learn I guess.
SFR Two Rock Valley Ford 200km 2-6-2010 200km (124 mi) This route is based on Willy Nevin's Jittery Jaunt course, but differs in that we keep riders off of Sir Francis Drake Blvd as it goes through Samuel Taylor State Park. This is the first time SFR has held this as a brevet.
SFR Russian River 300km 2-27-2010 300km (186 mi) I missed this ride last year when I caught an ill-timed cold and had to scramble to get a 200km done in February on the last day of the month.
Santa Rosa Cyclists 200km 3-13-2010 200km (124 mi.) This is one of my favorite brevets. It is a fast course, and how can you beat ending the ride at a brew pub for dinner with the other riders? You can't!
SFR Hopland 400km 3-27-2010 400km (250 mi.) Go here for my write up of this ride from last year. It was great and I'm looking forward to it once again.
SFR NorCal Fleche 2010 4-3-2010 360 km minimum This would be my 4th fleche. All three previous were really great experiences, and I rate them in my top ten bike rides all time.
Quack Cyclists Devil Mountain Double 4-24-2010 Volunteer I've volunteered for this ride at the Mt. Diablo rest stop (the first one) for several years, and want to keep that streak going.
SFR Russian River 200km 4-25-2010 200km (124mi) SFR has held this ride three times and I've never gotten to ride the whole route with the group so this year I hope there are enough volunteers to allow me to pull it off and ride.
Davis Double Century 5-15-2010 200 miles I rode this Double for the first time in the year 2000, with Phil Morton. After finishing, I swore I'd never do another double again. Well, 22 double centuries later, this would be my 11th Davis Double in a row.
SFR Fort Bragg 600km 5-22-2010 600 km (378 mi.) I enjoyed the heck out of this ride in 2009 and I want to ride again, and put into action the things I learned last time out.
Santa Rosa Cyclists 600km 6-5-2010 Volunteer The Plan is to work the overnight Pope Valley control with fellow RBA Bob Redmond.
SFR Davis Overnight 230 km 6-12-2010 230 km. I had a blast last year doing this ride and really, really look forward to it again.
Santa Rosa Cyclists Terrible Two 6-19-2010 Volunteer Whether I ride this, or volunteer depends on if I commit to the next event below.
Santa Cruz Randonneurs 1000km 6-25-2010 1000km (600mi.) This 1000km is the favorite on the list of potential 1000kms if for no other reasons than it is hosted by Bill and Lois, and it is local.
SFR Point Reyes Populaire 7-17-2010 115im (75 mi.) It was so great to have so many riders new to brevets show up for this ride, and greater still when they became regulars on our full brevet series.
SCR Moss Beach 200km 7-24-2010 200km (124 mi.) Finally, finally time to drag my butt down to do a Santa Cruz Randonneurs brevet (other than their Fleche a few years back, which really doesn't count.)
SCR Skyline 200km 8-7-2010 200km (124mi) I hear this course is a butt kicker.
Unknown 200km Permanent 9-???-2010 200km (124mi) Gotta keep the streak going!
Quack Cyclists Knoxville Fall Classic 9-25-2010 200 mi. A lovely route, and one of these days I'll master that course and break 15 hours.
SFR Winters 200km 10-9-2010 200km (124mi) I've worked this ride the last two years and I really, really want to ride it with the group this year.
Mt. Tam Birthday Ride 10-21-2010 85 mi. I've done this ride on my birthday for at least 13 years. I've always done this with at least one friend coming along, and lately it's been a whole bunch. The mountain is great mid-week and being off work is great too. Usually, the weather is fabulous but any way it turns out is fine by me.
GPC Del Puerto Canyon ????-2010 106 miles This is one of my favorite rides. The canyon is just gorgeous, even as things turn brown after a long dry summer.
Unknown 200km Permanent 11-???-2010 200km (124mi) Gotta keep the streak going!
Unknown 200km Permanent 12-???-2010 200km (124mi) Gotta keep the streak going!


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Genial post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.

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